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33.9 Dynamic Mesh Task Page

The Dynamic Mesh task page allows you to define the all the parameters for modeling a dynamic mesh model. See Section  11.3.1 for details about using the items below.



Dynamic Mesh   enables the dynamic mesh model and activates the controls in the task page.

Mesh Methods   contains options to specify the mesh update method(s).

Smoothing   enables the spring-based smoothing method where the edges between any two mesh nodes are idealized as a network of interconnected springs. See Section  11.3.2 for details.

Layering   enables the dynamic layering method which can be used to add or remove layers of cells adjacent to a moving boundary based on the height of the layer adjacent to the moving surface in prismatic mesh zones. See Section  11.3.2 for details.

Remeshing   enables the local remeshing method in which the cells that violate the skewness or size criteria are agglomerated and locally remeshed. See this section in the separate Theory Guide for details.

Settings...   displays the Mesh Method Settings dialog box.

Options   contains options to specify specialized dynamic mesh models.

In-Cylinder   enables the in-cylinder model. See Section  11.3.6 for more information on ANSYS FLUENT's in-cylinder model.

Six DOF   enables six degrees of freedom solver. See Section  11.3.7 for more information on this model.

Settings...   displays the appropriate dialog box that corresponds to the currently selected option (either the In-Cylinder Settings dialog box or the Six DOF Solver Settings dialog box).

Events...   displays the Dynamic Mesh Events dialog box.

Dynamic Mesh Zones   displays a list of dynamic mesh zones.

Create/Edit...   displays the Dynamic Mesh Zones dialog box.

Delete   removes the selected dynamic zone(s) from the Dynamic Mesh Zones list.

Delete All   removes all dynamic zones from the Dynamic Mesh Zones list.

Display Zone Motion...   displays the Zone Motion dialog box.

Preview Mesh Motion...   displays the Mesh Motion dialog box.

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