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33.9.3 In-Cylinder Settings Dialog Box

The In-Cylinder Settings dialog box contains parameters to be specified for the in-cylinder model. See Section  11.3.6 for more information.



Crank Shaft Speed   specifies the speed of the crank shaft.

Starting Crank Angle   specifies the starting crank angle.

Crank Period   specifies the crank period.

Crank Angle Step Size   specifies the crank angle step size used to determine the time step size to advance the solution.

Piston Stroke   specifies the piston stroke to calculate the piston location.

Connecting Rod Length   specifies the length of the connecting rod.

Piston Stroke Cutoff   specifies the piston stroke cutoff used to control the onset of layering in the cylinder chamber.

Minimum Valve Lift   specifies the minimum valve lift.

Output Controls...   displays the In-Cylinder Output Controls dialog box.

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