Access page to the ENEA-GRID infrastructure

HOW TO access to the CRESCO infrastructure

HOW TO access to the CRESCO infrastructure via ThinLinc. Directly from browser here

Introduction to the use of CRESCO infrastructure (in Italian)

A web launcher can be used from INTERNET EXPLORER. The launcher opens a FARO2 session (a JAVA X-window) to choose the ENEA-GRID front-end and the software applications for Materials Science activities

If your java applet complains about security, please add, and as exception sites to your java control panel, under security tab, and then reload the applet.

Windows computers: use Internet Explorer.

If the launcher doesn't work on your browser please download and install the FARO2 client. More information on Warnings.

SSH access by clients: for example mobaXterm or putty.

In italian: CRESCO Portici/Accesso al Sistema.

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