Partners @ CMAST project

Partners partecipating to CMAST activities

Research centers

Structural Biology, Univ. of Tor Vergata Mattia Falconi
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Bioinformatics
Univ. of Firenze P. Procacci
  • Docking of proteins
  • ORAC Molecular Dynamics code
Univ. of Salerno G. Milano
  • Multiscale modeling of polimers
  • OCCAM code
  • DFT modeling
Univ. of Napoli D. Ninno
G. Cantele
  • Virtual organizations in materials science
  • Quantum expresso code
Univ. of Salerno A. Marabotti
  • Bioinformatics
Condensed Matter Theory Group, Univ. Tor Vergata O. Pulci
  • Ab-initio MD simulations of 2-dimensional materials
Univ. di Camerino G. Mancini
A. Di Cicco
  • Semiconductor materials under pressure
Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza" F. Gala
G. Zollo
  • Self assembled monolayers of alkyl chains on Si. Ab-initio simulations.
CNR A. Petri
  • Granular materials.
ENEA BolognaEmiliano Burresi
  • Quantum dots
ENEA CasacciaGiovanni Aprea
  • Bioinformatics

Foreign institutions
CNMS, Center for Nanophase Materials Science
Oak Ridge, USA
Bobby Sumpter
  • adhesion of peptides on metallic surfaces
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Univ. of Salerno
L. Cavallo
  • New catalytic systems
  • Protein-protein interaction modeling
  • Multiscale modeling of materials
IEMN-Universite' de Lille, FranceF. Cleri
  • Multiscale modeling of organic-inorganic materials
University of Zurich, Swiss B. Schonfeld
  • Characterization of amorphous materials
CNRS-IPCMSC. Massobrio
  • DFT modelign of materials

TiberLabM. Auf Der Maur
A. Di Carlo
  • Multiscale modeling of PV devices
  • Multiscale modeling of combustion materials
YlichronV. Rosato
G. Gianese
  • Multiscale modeling of organic-inorganic materials
  • New materials for flash memories
CertimacL. Laghi
  • Sustainable building materials

EoCoE Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computing applications Horizon2020 (2015-2018)
EXTREME European network of infrastructures for the substitution of critical raw materials EIT Raw Materials (2016-2019)
MultiscalSolar Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics COST Action MP1406
SOPHIA Research Infrastructures for Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Power FP7 INFRA-2010-1.1.22
COST Action MP1103 Nanostructured materials for solid-state hydrogen storage FP7 European cooperation in science and technology
CNMS project collaboration Nanostructured materials for organic-inorganic interfaces Oak-Ridge National Labs, CNMS2012-235 proposal
META Materials Enhancement for Technological Applications FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES
EFDA High Heat Flux Materials European Fusion Development Agreement
EERA, Materials for Nuclear Joint Programme on Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Application The European Energy Research Alliance, EERA
EERA, AMPEA Joint Programme on Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Application The European Energy Research Alliance, EERA
EUMAT Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies European Technology Platform

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