about CMAST project

The ENEA team: research and development

Arcangeli Caterina ArcangeliSSPT-TECS-BIORISC HomePage Structural biology0630486898
Buonocore Francesco BuonocoreDTE-ICT HomePage Physics. DFT nanomaterials and surface science0630486445
Celino Massimo CelinoDTE-ICT HomePage Physics. Amorphous and disordered materials.0630483871
Giusepponi Simone GiusepponiDTE-ICT-HPC HomePage Physics. Materials for fusion energy. Hydrogen storage. Ab-initio calculations.0630486369
Grena Roberto GrenaDTE-STT-SCIS Physics. Hydrogen production. Membranes.0630486856
De Marzi Gianluca De MarziFSN Physics. DFT and related technologies.0694005882

The ENEA-CRESCO team: management of the grid infrastructure

Giovanni BraccoDTE-ICT-HPCgiovanni.bracco@enea.it HomePage GRID applications and system administrator
Luigi BucciDTE-ICT-HPCluigi.bucci@enea.it Visualization tools. WEB administrator and system administrator
Silvio MiglioriDTE-ICTsilvio.migliori@enea.it HomePage CRESCO Project leader

Former students and post-doc

Giuliano CarchiniUniversity of Rome La Sapienza PostDoc Molecular modeling of surfaces 2017
Giuseppe ChiapparoUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata Laurea Optimization algorithms on networked data structures 2017
Marco PolimeniUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata Laurea Peptide folding and adhesion on inorganic surfaces 2014
Lorenzo AgostaUniversity of Rome La Sapienza Laurea Peptide adhesion on surfaces: an ab-initio study 2013
Luca RetattinoUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata Laurea Conductivity of nanoparticles by ab-initio calculations 2013
Ivo BorrielloUniversity of Bologna Post-doc Peptide adhesion on surfaces: an ab-initio study 2012
Fabio LanduzziUniversity of Bologna Laurea Interfaccia metallo/ossido in nanoparticelle di magnesio core/shell: uno studio con dinamica molecolare 2012
Michelangelo ScordinoCampus Biomedico, Rome Laurea Dinamica molecolare di strutture proteiche: analisi funzionale e topologica 2012
Simone Mirabella University La Sapienza, Rome Laurea Multi-scale atomistic modelling of hydrogen adsorption in hydrogenated and alkali metal doped CNTs 2011
Artoto Arkundato University of Bandung, Indonesia Post-doc Liquid lead corrosion of iron 2011
Jerome Zemp University of Zurich, Swiss Post-doc Mechanical properties of amorphous CuZr 2010
Bipul Rakshit Univ. Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India Post-doc 2008
Antonella Zucca Giucca University of Camerino, Italy Laurea L'informatica ad alte prestazioni per applicazioni in modellistica molecolare: la dinamica molecolare 2007
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