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30.2 Creating Output Parameters

You can create output parameters, which allow you to compare reporting values for different cases. These are single values generated by the four types of reports:

In the Reports task page, click the Parameters... button to open the Parameters dialog box, where a list of created input parameters and output parameters will be listed. The list of Input Parameters is available after performing the steps outlined in Section  7.1.9. The list of Output Parameters is available after clicking the Save Output Parameters... button in the Fluxes, Forces, Surface Integrals, and Volume Integrals dialog boxes.

You can define the output parameters either through the various reporting dialog boxes, as described in the sections that follow, or through the Create menu. In the Create menu, you will find a list of four items:



Surface Integrals...   

Volume Integrals...   

Selecting any one of these items will open their respective dialog boxes, where you will define the type of report you would like to generate. Details on how to generate the various reports are available in Sections  30.3, 30.4, 30.6.1, and 30.7.1.

Once you have saved your output parameters, you can modify them by selecting the parameter in the Output Parameters list and clicking Edit.... This will open the report dialog box where you can make your changes.

In addition, you can select any of the following under the More menu:

Delete   displays a message in a dialog box, prompting you for a response to confirm the deletion of the output parameter.

Rename   allows you to edit the name of the output parameter through the Rename dialog box.

Print to Console   reports values to the console window. If you select multiple output parameters, then the output includes values from multiple output parameters.

Print All to Console   outputs the values from all output parameters to the console window.

Write...   allows you to store the output to a file. A dialog box is displayed allowing you to provide a file name.

Write All...   prompts you for a file name and then writes the values for all of the output parameters to a file.

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