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7.1.5 Copying Cell Zone and Boundary Conditions

You can copy cell zones and boundary conditions from one zone to other zones of the same type. If, for example, you have several wall zones in your model and they all have the same boundary conditions, you can set the conditions for one wall, and then simply copy them to the others.

The procedure for copying cell zone or boundary conditions is as follows:

1.   In the Cell Zone Conditions or Boundary Conditions task page, click the Copy... button. This will open the Copy Conditions dialog box (Figure  7.1.2).

Figure 7.1.2: The Copy Conditions Dialog Box

2.   In the From Cell Zone or From Boundary Zone list, select the zone that has the conditions you want to copy.

3.   In the To Cell Zones or To Boundary Zones list, select the zone or zones to which you want to copy the conditions.

4.   Click Copy. ANSYS FLUENT will set all of the cell zones or boundary conditions for the zones selected in the To Cell Zones or To Boundary Zones list to be the same as the conditions for the zone selected in the From Cell Zone or From Boundary Zone list. (You cannot copy a subset of the conditions, such as only the thermal conditions.)

Note that you cannot copy conditions from external walls to internal (i.e., two-sided) walls, or vice versa, if the energy equation is being solved, since the thermal conditions for external and internal walls are different.


If you are using one of the general multiphase models (VOF, mixture, or Eulerian), the procedure for copying boundary conditions is slightly different. See Section  24.2.9 for details.

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