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7.1.6 Changing Cell or Boundary Zone Names

The default name for a zone is its type plus an ID number (e.g., pressure-inlet-7). In some cases, you may want to assign more descriptive names to the boundary zones. If you have two pressure-inlet zones, for example, you might want to rename them small-inlet and large-inlet. (Changing the name of a zone will not change its type. Instructions for changing a zone's type are provided in Section  7.1.3.)

To rename a zone, follow these steps:

1.   Select the zone to be renamed in the Zones list in the Cell Zone Conditions or Boundary Conditions task page.

2.   Click Edit... to open the dialog box for the selected zone.

3.   Enter a new name under Zone Name.

4.   Click the OK button.

Note that if you specify a new name for a zone and then change its type, the name you specified will be retained; the automatic name change that accompanies a change in type occurs only if the name of the zone is its type plus its ID.

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