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33.6.3 Copy Conditions Dialog Box

The Copy Conditions dialog box allows you to copy cell zone and/or boundary conditions from one zone/boundary to other zones/boundaries of the same type. It is opened either from the Cell Zone Conditions task page or from the Boundary Conditions task page. See Section  7.1.5 for details.



From Zone   specifies the zone that has the conditions you want to copy.

To Zones   specifies the zone or zones to which you want to copy the conditions.

Phase   specifies the phase for which cell zone conditions or boundary conditions are being copied. This item appears if the VOF, mixture, or Eulerian multiphase model is being used. See Section  24.2.9 for details.

Copy   copies the cell zone conditions or boundary conditions, setting all of the conditions for the zones selected in the To Zones list to be the same as the conditions for the zone selected in the From Zone list.

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