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33.6.4 Operating Conditions Dialog Box

The Operating Conditions dialog box allows you to set parameters related to operating conditions in your model.



Pressure   contains items related to the modeling of pressure.

Floating Operating Pressure   specifies the use of a floating operating pressure. See Section  9.4.4 for details. This option appears only for time-dependent compressible flows.

Operating Pressure   sets the operating pressure for the problem. For all flows, ANSYS FLUENT uses gauge pressure internally. Any time an absolute pressure is needed, it is generated by adding the operating pressure to the relative pressure. See Section  8.14 for a detailed description of operating pressure and how to set it.

Reference Pressure Location   sets the location of the cell whose pressure value is used to adjust the gauge pressure field for incompressible flows that do not involve any pressure boundaries. See Section  8.15 for details.

Gravity   contains inputs for gravitational acceleration, the Boussinesq model, and variable density.

Gravity   enables the specification of gravity.

Gravitational Acceleration   sets the $x$, $y$, and $z$ components of the gravitational acceleration vector. (The $z$ component is available only in 3D solvers.) See Section  13.2.4 for details about buoyancy-driven flows. This option appears only when Gravity is enabled.

Boussinesq Parameters   contains inputs related to the Boussinesq model. This option appears only if Energy (in the Energy dialog box) and Gravity are enabled. See Section  13.2.4 for more information on the Boussinesq model.

Operating Temperature   sets the operating temperature ( $T_0$ in Equation  13.2-2) for use with the Boussinesq approximation.

Variable-Density Parameters   contains inputs related to the modeling of variable density. This option appears only when Gravity is enabled.

Specified Operating Density   enables the specification of operating density. See Section  13.2.4 for details.

Operating Density   sets the operating density ( $\rho_0$ in Equation  13.2-3). This parameter can be set only when Specified Operating Density is enabled.

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