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33.2.2 Mesh Display Dialog Box

The Mesh Display dialog box controls the display of zone, surface, and partition boundary meshes. See Section  29.1.1 for details about the items below.



Options   contains the rendering options described below. To see the effects of your selection you must click the Display button.
Nodes   enables the display of nodes on the selected surfaces.

Edges   enables the display of mesh edges on the selected surfaces.

Faces   enables the display of mesh faces (filled meshes) on the selected surfaces.

Partitions   enables the display of partition boundaries.

Shrink Factor   specifies the amount to shrink faces and cells. See Section  29.1.1 for details.

Edge Type   controls the display of edges. (These items will not appear if the Edges option is turned off.)

All   enables the display of all mesh edges.

Feature   enables feature lines in an outline display. See Section  29.1.1 for details.

Outline   enables the display of the mesh outline.

Feature Angle   controls the amount of detail added to a feature outline display. See Section  29.1.1 for details. (This item will be available only if the Feature edge type is enabled.)

Surface Name Pattern   specifies the pattern to look for in the names of surfaces. Type the pattern in the text field and click Match to select (or deselect) the zones in the Surfaces list with names that match the specified pattern. See Section  29.1.1 for information about matching additional characters using * and ?.

Surfaces   contains a list from which you can select the surfaces for which the mesh is to be drawn.

New Surface   is a drop-down list button that contains a list of surface options:

Point   opens the Point Surface dialog box.

Line/Rake   opens the Line/Rake Surface dialog box.

Plane   opens the Plane Surface dialog box.

Quadric   opens the Quadric Surface dialog box.

Iso-Surface   opens the Iso-Surface dialog box.

Iso-Clip   opens the Iso-Clip dialog box.

Surface Types   contains a selectable list of types of surfaces. If you select (or deselect) an item in this list, all surfaces of that type will be selected (or deselected) automatically in the Surfaces list.

Outline   selects all "outline'' boundaries in the Surfaces list. If all outline boundaries are already selected, it deselects them.

Interior   selects all "interior'' surfaces in the Surfaces list. If all interior surfaces are already selected, it deselects them.

Display   displays the defined mesh plot.

Colors...   opens the Mesh Colors dialog box.

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