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Remote Rendering

Virtual Reality is today an essential tool in many research fields ranging from industrial production, medicine and, not least, the protection, valorisation and study of cultural heritage.
Making a three-dimensional model which describe a project means to be able to show their own theories in a efficiently and effectively way; analyze the results in an interactive and shared way; rebuild the status quo ante where the original data are lost; and finally store and preserve the digital memory of an object which could be lost in the jungle of digital formats (ARK meaning belongs to the biblical Noah's Ark).
The ability to access interactive 3D high resolution applications, with all the features which are available in a three-dimensional visualization environment is a focal point to get to a full sharing of virtual data.

The study conducted by ENEA, within the project CRESCO, concerns the implementation of hardware and software architecture (ARK3D) that container any projects for three-dimensional applications, high resolution, multi-disciplinary and available via web for registered users.
The technology developed for the remote visualization, frees the user from the need of specific hardware and software resources, and protects the copyrights related to the 3D applications and data, since it won't be downloaded locally. The user interacts with the virtual environment using the remote hardware and software resources (Remote 3D).

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