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   October 2014 -3D GraphLab @ Ostia Antica Archaeological Site. Enjoy the Laser Scanning Survey Time Lapse Video from Youtube

   October 2014 -Available the paper presented at the ISPRS Commision V Symposium in Riva del Garda

   July 2014 -3D GraphLab @ the National Museum of Ravenna and in Ravenna city center for 3D surveying

   May 2014 -3D GraphLab @ ISPRS Commision V Sympsosium, Riva del Garda on 23-25 June, with the paper "3D painting documentation: evaluation of conservation conditions with imaging and ranging techniques"

   May 2014 -3D GraphLab @ National Museum of Prague (CZ)

   April 2014 -HD Image of Saint John the Baptist by Raibolini Giacomo aka Francia

   April 2014 -Available the publication by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism with the contribution of the 3D GraphLab (pp.112-114, in Italian)

 March 2014 -3D GrapLab will attend the Exibition on the Art of Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural and Enviromental Heritage 2014 in Ferrara (in Italian)

   March 2014 -First 3D Printed Model @ 3D GraphLab. Welcome!

   February 2014 -Available for Download the presentation held by 3D Graphlab at the Italian National Congress of Archeometry

   February 2014 - Kudos to Federico Fanti Ph.D. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Geological Museum G.Capellini, Partner of the 3D GraphLab

  December 2013 -Download the full paper "LiDAR in Extreme Environment: Surveying in Antarctica" presented at Laser Scanning 2013 Workshop

   November 2013 -Visualize 3D interactive Geological and paleontological models now in FULL COLOR

   November 2013 - Download the Poster presented at the ISPRS Laser Scanning 2013 Workshop -- LiDAR in Extreme Environment: Surveying in Antarctica

   October 2013 -3D GraphLab @ LaserScanning 2013 conference in Antalya (Turkey)

   October 2013 - 3D GraphLab and Archaeological Bureau of Emilia Romagna region (in Italian)

   September 2013 - Visualize and download 3D interactive PDF models  

July 2013 - Visualize WebGL 3D MUREX model  

July 2013 - Visualize 3D models with Smartphone or Tablet  

July 2013 - Online the paper presented at the ANIDIS 2013 Conference (Padua June 30 - July 4)

   June 2013 - GraphLAB 3D Staff has held Lectures and Laser Scanning field Survey for the Master in TECHNICIAN OF INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF HISTORIC BUILDINGS

   June 2013 - 3D GraphLAB Staff will partecipate at the XV Congress of "Seismic Engineering in Italy" ANIDIS 2013 with the contribute "Integrated technologies for structural assessment of historic buildings: case-study in Caporciano (AQ)

   June 2013 - 3D GraphLAB Staff has held Lectures and Laser Scanning field Survey for the Master in DESIGN OF STONE MATERIALS

   June 2013 - Laser Scanning Survey of the Pieve del Tho Crypt in Brisighella (RA) - Post Processing

   June 2013 - Visualize the 3D Geological Plastic Model of G. Capellini Museum Bologna with WebGL Technology

   June 2013 - Digitization of a Geological Plastic Model, G. Capellini Museum, Bologna, Italy - Work in progress

   June 2013 - Laser Scanning Survey of the Pieve del Tho Crypt in Brisighella (RA) - Work in progress

   May 2013 - Visualize 3D Paleontological and Geological Specimens with WebGL Technology

   May 2013 - Paleontological and geological specimens digitized at the Geological Museum "G.Capellini" in Bologna by means of the ENEA UTICT new Structured Light Scanner

   April 2013 - New 3D Graph VirtuaLAB website
3D Graph VirtuaLAB website is now online.

   March 2013 - New graphlab website
ICT ENEA unit 3D GraphLab website is now online.

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