GATe_Hum - Grid Access to e_Humanities -

ICT Contact Point in the Digital Humanities, Connecting DH domains in ICT e-Humanities Projects

GATe _Ancient Languages

Encoding and Textual Analysis of Ancient Languages using Ideograms and Syllabograms

GATe_A - to Digital Assyriology

ENEA-GRID in e-Assyriology is an ENEA Contributions to Safeguarding Material And Immaterial Knowledge from Ancient Mesopotamia. The ENEA-GRID Project in e-Assyriology, harmonizes: Text Mining on cuneiform corpora, Network Analysis and Visualization of Relationships among texts, words and characters (mapping genealogies for stemmatics, authorship attribution, philological researches, etc.), Simulations of linguistic and social phenomena, modelling complex dynamics over time. TIGRIS Virtual Lab is the digital environment where the Assyriologists and research teams can meet and collaboratively work together, exchanging research results, best practices, fonts, software, e-text collection, lexical resources (dictionaries, grammars, ontologies, genealogies and name dictionaries, etc),  images,  etc.
ENEA TIGRIS is a Virtual Lab on
e-Humanities and is a research activity within the IT@CHA Project. In TIGRIS an x-window interface to ENEA-GRID, a videoconference room and tools for video and documents sharing are available.
TIGRIS Virtual Lab uses the computational resources and the innovative on-line services of
ENEA-GRID and particularly the high performance computing platform CRESCO.

GATe_H - to Digital Hittite Studies

GATe_M - to Digital Mycenean Studies




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