This page contains a short introduction to the use of ENEAGRID resources.

 ENEAGRID is the infrastructure providing the access to the computational resources of ENEA UTICT Unit

 More information about ENEAGRID can be found at the page http://www.afs.enea.it/project/eneagrid.
Here only some basic information are provided:

How to connect to ENEAGRID ?

The connection to ENEAGRID can be established in two ways
After the connection it is advised to change the password that has been provided at the moment of the account creation!

The changement of the password is performed using command kpasswd userid from a terminal window.
ENEAGRID password can also be changed  using the following Web page:  ENEA_GRID Password Changer

File space and user HOME directory

All users on all ENEAGRID machines share the same file space which is based on the AFS/OpenAFS distributed file system.

User HOME directory is /afs/enea.it/user/site/userid.

The same directory is also available at /afs/enea.it/user/first_userid_character/userid.

The default structure of the user HOME contains the following directories:
The accessibility of the AFS file space is controlled by AFS ACL (Access Control List).

The Access Control List of a directory can be displayed by the command:
Informations about OpenAFS can be found at the  AFS page for ENEAGRID

How to submit a job to ENEAGRID

LSF Multicluster is the job and resources management system in ENEAGRID.
Informations about LSF can be found at the  LSF page for ENEAGRID

Information about compilation & run for serial and parallel jobs: Working with ENEAGRID

Support and Information Tools

User support can be required using the ENEAGRID ticket system: http://gridticket.enea.it

All the ENEAGRID users are subscribed to the mailing list griduser@enea.it.

The mailing list is used by ENEAGRID administrators to contact the users.

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