Access to ENEAGRID Data Space from the user workstation

ENEAGRID AFS  Data space con be accessed in various ways from the user workstation
  • Public or restricted web access to selected pages
  • Authenticated access to user home via AFSbox
  • OpenAFS client
  • SSHfs on Windows systems

Web Access to ENEAGRID AFS Data Space

The AFS data space of the ENEAGRID infrastructure can be accessed using the Web.

  • User Pages : the content of the user "HOME/public_html"

A short note for the authors of the pages: "How to configure AFS file space for web access, including  user restricted area"

Authenticated access to AFS file space from a browser

A Web utility can be used to upload/download to AFS file space:

AFSbox FAQ Page

SSHfs access

SSHfs is an easy way to mount ENEAGRID data space on Windows Workstations