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TIGRIS Virtual Lab is the digital environment where the Assyriologists and research teams can meet and collaboratively work together, exchanging research results, best practices, fonts, software, e-text collection, lexical resources (dictionaries, grammars, ontologies, genealogies and name dictionaries, etc),  images,  etc.

The ENEA-GRID Project in e-Assyriology, harmonizes:

ENEA TIGRIS is a Virtual Lab on e-Humanities and is a research activity within the IT@CHA Project.

ENEA-GRID in e-Assyriology is an ENEA Contributions to Safeguarding Material And Immaterial Knowledge from Ancient Mesopotamia.

In TIGRIS an x-window interface to ENEA-GRID, a videoconference room and tools for video and documents sharing are available.

TIGRIS Virtual Lab uses the computational resources and the innovative on-line services of ENEA-GRID and particularly the high performance computing platform CRESCO.




RAI 59th -  59th RAI, Ghent 2013; "Law and (Dis)order in the Ancient Near East", Ghent (Belgium), July 15th-19th 2013




RAI 58th -  58th RAI, Leiden 2012; "Private and State (Privat und Staat) in the Ancient Near East", Leiden (The Netherlands), July 16th-20th 2012


RAI 57th -  57th RAI, Rome 2011; "Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient Near East", Rome (Italy), July 4th-8th 2011


RAI 55th - 55th RAI, Paris 2009, "Family in the Ancient Near East: Realities, Symbolisms, and Images", 6th-9th July 2009




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