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23.1 Introduction

In addition to solving transport equations for the continuous phase, ANSYS FLUENT allows you to simulate a discrete second phase in a Lagrangian frame of reference. This second phase consists of spherical particles (which may be taken to represent droplets or bubbles) dispersed in the continuous phase. ANSYS FLUENT computes the trajectories of these discrete phase entities, as well as heat and mass transfer to/from them. The coupling between the phases and its impact on both the discrete phase trajectories and the continuous phase flow can be included.

ANSYS FLUENT provides the following discrete phase modeling options:

These modeling capabilities allow ANSYS FLUENT to simulate a wide range of discrete phase problems including particle separation and classification, spray drying, aerosol dispersion, bubble stirring of liquids, liquid fuel combustion, and coal combustion. The physical equations used for these discrete phase calculations are described in this section - this section in the separate Theory Guide , and instructions for setup, solution, and postprocessing are provided in Sections  23.2- 23.7.

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