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6.8 Modifying the Mesh

There are several ways in which you can modify or manipulate the mesh after it has been read into ANSYS FLUENT. You can scale or translate the mesh, merge or separate zones, create or slit periodic zones, and fuse boundaries. In addition, you can reorder the cells in the domain to decrease bandwidth. Smoothing and diagonal swapping, which can be used to improve the mesh, are described in Section  27.13. Methods for partitioning meshes to be used in a parallel solver are discussed in Section  32.5.


Whenever you modify the mesh, you should be sure to save a new case file (and a data file, if data exist). If you have old data files that you would like to be able to read in again, be sure to retain the original case file as well, as the data in the old data files may not correspond to the new case file.

Information about mesh manipulation is provided in the following sections:

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