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15.12.1 Coupling Between the Discrete and Continuous Phases

As the trajectory of a particle is computed, ANSYS FLUENT keeps track of the heat, mass, and momentum gained or lost by the particle stream that follows that trajectory and these quantities can be incorporated in the subsequent continuous phase calculations. Thus, while the continuous phase always impacts the discrete phase, you can also incorporate the effect of the discrete phase trajectories on the continuum. This two-way coupling is accomplished by alternately solving the discrete and continuous phase equations until the solutions in both phases have stopped changing. This interphase exchange of heat, mass, and momentum from the particle to the continuous phase is depicted qualitatively in Figure  15.12.1. Note that no interchange terms are computed for particles defined as massless, where the discrete phase trajectories have no impact on the continuum.

Figure 15.12.1: Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer Between the Discrete and Continuous Phases

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