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Francesco Buonocore
ENEA - TERIN-ICT Division, HPC Lab
F. Buonocore
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Francesco Buonocore (born on 02 June 1970) is a theoretical physicist focused on condensed matter physics. He is currently a permanent researcher at the Italian government agency ENEA. Dr. Buonocore received his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Naples Federico II in 2001 with a dissertation focused on localized states in deformed quantum wires and applications to porous silicon, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Iadonisi and Prof. Domenico Ninno. Francesco then worked in the semiconductor industry for over a decade, during which he developed atomistic models for post-silicon technology divisions at STMicroelectronics. Dr. Buonocore's research interests include the use of ab-initio calculations to investigate the physical properties of nanomaterials and mesoscopic structures, with a focus on molecular films, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and interfaces. He has been a member of the CNMS User Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for two different CNMS projects (the last one concluded in 2021) and has been working as member of the CMAST Virtual Lab of ENEA since 2013. He also served as leader of the materials for energy scientific challenge at EoCoE center of excellence from 2019 to 2022. Dr. Buonocore has published several scientific papers in refereed international journals. He is also a co-inventor of three international patents and one Italian patent.
Dr. Francesco Buonocore
ENEA, Centro Ricerche della Casaccia
I 00123 S.Maria di Galeria, ROMA
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+39 06 3048 6445
TERIN Dipartimento Tecnologie Energetiche e Fonti Rinnovabili
ICT Divisione per lo Sviluppo Sistemi per l'Informatica e l'ICT
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Casaccia Research Center, Rome, Italy
TERIN-ICT Division, HPC Lab
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