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How to login to CRESCO


How to login to CRESCO

You can find more information about CRESCO visiting the official website here.

First of all, you need to get an ENEAGRID account (username + password). To accomplish this, you need to be an ENEA employed or fellow (e.g., by scholarship or research grant) or to have the support of a ENEA contact if you are external, for example by a partnership or collaboration.
Then you can ask for an account here.

Next, the following front-end server is available to the user externals to the ENEAGRID netwotk:

where you can choice one of CRESCO clusters (cresco3, cresco4, cresco5, ...).

The front-end servers inside the ENEAGRID netwotk are:

The access to ENEAGRID applications is granted by web at
Here, after having inserted username and password, you will choose your interface to CRESCO (e.g., FARO2, GNOME, KDE, and so on).

However, in the following other options  to connect to CRESCO are listed.
Once connected, you can launch the FARO2 interface (by typing faro2 in the terminal window), and then the CMAST virtual lab.

a) Connecting from Windows:

1) Download a ssh client such as Putty or MobaXterm (example is shown for the latter).
2) Start the software.
3) Start a new session.
4) Choice SSH session and insert your remote host
5) Insert your username and click OK.
6) Type password when prompted.
7) Choice your internal front-end server (e.g., 1) cresco3x001)
8) You are connected in.
b) Connecting from Linux or Mac:

1) Start a terminal.
2) Type ssh -X
3) Insert your ENEAGRID username.
4) Type password when prompted.
5) Choice your internal front-end server (e.g., 1))
6) You are connected in.
An introduction to the use of the CRESCO system is avalable at this page (in italian).

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