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31.5 Custom Field Functions

In addition to the basic field variables provided by ANSYS FLUENT (and described in Section  31.4), you can also define your own field functions to be used in conjunction with any of the commands that use these variables (contour and vector display, XY plots, etc.). This capability is available with the Custom Field Function Calculator dialog box. You can use the default field variables, previously defined calculator functions, and calculator operators to create new functions. (Several sample functions are described in Section  31.5.3.)

Any field functions that you define will be saved in the case file the next time that you save it. You can also save your custom field functions to a separate file (as described in Section  31.5.2), so that they can be used with a different case file.


Note that all custom field functions are evaluated and stored in SI units. Any solver-defined flow variables that you use in your field-function definition will be automatically converted if they are not already in SI units, but you must be careful to enter constants in the appropriate units. Note also that explicit node values are not available for custom field functions; all node values for these functions will be computed by averaging the values in the surrounding cells, as described in Section  31.1.2.

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