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34.2.24 Mesh/Rotate...

The Mesh/Rotate... menu item opens the Rotate Mesh dialog box.

Rotate Mesh Dialog Box

The Rotate Mesh dialog box allows you to rotate the mesh about the required axis and rotation origin by specifying the angle of rotation. See Section  6.8.13 for details.



Rotation Angle   is the angle with which you want to rotate the mesh. You can enter a positive or negative real number.

Rotation Origin   defines the new origin for the mesh rotation.

Rotation Axis   defines the axis about which you want to rotate the mesh.

Domain Extents   displays the Cartesian coordinate extremes of the nodes in the mesh. (These values are not editable; they are purely informational.)

Rotate   adds the specified rotation parameters to the appropriate Cartesian coordinate of every node in the mesh.

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