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33.15.1 Patch Dialog Box

The Patch dialog box allows you to patch different values of flow variables into different cells. See Section  26.9.2 for details about using this feature.



Reference Frame   indicates whether patched velocities are absolute velocities ( Absolute) or velocities relative to the motion of each cell zone ( Relative to Cell Zone). This selection is necessary only if your problem involves moving reference frames or sliding meshes. If there is no zone motion, both options are equivalent. Also, this selection affects only velocities, so the options will not be available unless you have selected a velocity in the Variable list.

Phase   contains a list of all of the phases in the problem that you have defined. This is available when the VOF, mixture, or Eulerian multiphase model is enabled.

Variable   contains a list of flow variables from which you can choose the variable to be patched.

Value   sets a constant value to be patched for the selected Variable.

Use Field Function   enables the patching of a custom Field Function, rather than a constant Value, for the selected Variable. See Section  26.9.2 for details.

Field Function   contains a list of defined custom field functions. If the Use Field Function option is enabled, you can patch one of these functions for the selected Variable. See Section  26.9.2 for details.

Zones to Patch   contains a list of cell zones. The specified Value or Field Function for the selected Variable will be patched into the zones you select from this list.

Registers to Patch   contains a list of cell registers that have been created using the adaption tools. You can patch a different value for a group of cells within a single cell zone by selecting a register containing a subset of the cells in the zone. See Section  26.9.2 for details.

Patch   updates the flow-field data based on the inputs above.

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