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2.6 Dynamic Mesh DEFINE Macros

This section contains descriptions of DEFINE macros that you can use to define UDFs that control the behavior of a dynamic mesh. Note that dynamic mesh UDFs that are defined using DEFINE_CG_MOTION, DEFINE_DYNAMIC_ZONE_PROPERTY, DEFINE_GEOM, and DEFINE_GRID_MOTION can only be executed as compiled UDFs.

Table  2.6.1 provides a quick reference guide to the dynamic mesh DEFINE macros, the functions they define, and the dialog boxes where they are activated in ANSYS FLUENT. Definitions of each DEFINE macro are contained in the udf.h header file. For your convenience, they are listed in Appendix  B.

Table 2.6.1: Quick Reference Guide for Dynamic Mesh-Specific DEFINE Macros
Function DEFINE Macro Dialog Box Activated In
center of gravity motion DEFINE_CG_MOTION Dynamic Mesh Zones
swirl center DEFINE_DYNAMIC_ZONE_PROPERTY In-Cylinder Output Controls
varying cell layering height DEFINE_DYNAMIC_ZONE_PROPERTY Dynamic Mesh Zones
mesh motion DEFINE_GRID_MOTION Dynamic Mesh Zones
geometry deformation DEFINE_GEOM Dynamic Mesh Zones
properties for Six Degrees of
Freedom (SDOF) Solver

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