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The project Nuzi_e-DUB.SAR analyzes a corpus extracted from Nuzi texts, by integrating text mining technologies and network analysis and visualization.
For this case-study a complex of e-tools has been employed on e-texts, transliterated from the best preserved tablets. In their application, the reduced dimension of the corpus allows an exhaustive control of the results.

Software for Text Mining and Linguistic Quantitative Analysis are oriented to modern languages and require adaptation, in order to face with problems related to cuneiform texts:
- graphic notation;
- graphemic ambiguities and inconsistencies, including a special use or caps and lower case letters;
- use of more than a language in the same texts;
- questions connected with UNICODE fonts and the use of particular characters;
- etc.

Within the project Nuzi_e-DUB.SAR, the lack of linguistic quantitative software able to process adequately UNICODE fonts employed in the e-texts, lead to the substitution of the following characters:
š  --> $
ṭ  --> v
ṣ  --> c
ḫ  --> h

Other graphic conventions:
=_=      "erasure without text"
=abc=  "text over erasure"
/abc/    "text omitted by the scribe and added by scholars"
//abc//  "text mistakenly added by the scribe"

Akkadian is written in lower case.
Sumerian logograms in CAPS.