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The project "Nuzi_e-DUB.SAR" analyzes a corpus extracted from Nuzi texts, by integrating text mining technologies and network analysis and visualization. For this case-study a complex of e-tools has been employed on e-texts, transliterated from the best preserved tablets.
The selected texts belongs to the scribal family of Šeršiia (composed by Šeršiia, his son Ḫupita and his grandson Muštešup).
Šeršiia, worked as a scribe in particular in the town of Temtenaš, mainly for the archives of Tulpun-naia, of Kurpa-zaḫ and Teḫip-tilla.
His son Ḫupita also worked as a mār šipri for the Palace.
The horizon of Muštešup seems to have been mainly Nuzi.
The aim is to put into light innovative and conservative stylistic elements in the redaction of texts through three generations.
The texts of this corpus of documents are mainly contracts, declarations in court or trials, and have been analyzed according to their authors.
The reduced dimension of the corpus allows an exhaustive control of the results in the application of the software.
The tablet have been translitered and then some characters have been substitued using some latin characters (see text encoding)
Documents have been tagged in order to put into light information of different kinds: graphic and graphemic, grammatical, prosopographical data, and so on.
Preliminary results on personal names compounded with -(š)enni and logograms are shown in first results.
As far as prosopography is concerned, some data have been preliminarly investiged; some results of a tentative match of five texts (AASOR XVI 23, 26, 31; JEN 124, 331) are shown in first results.

Tablet ID (acronym definition):
AASOR: "The Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research";
EN: Tablet published in Ernest R. Lachman and D. I. Owen "Excavation at Nuzi 9/3" pages 85-357, in 'General Studies and Excavation at Nuzi 9/3'; edited by Lachman and Owen, SCCNH5, Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisensbrauns, 1995;
HSS: "Harvard Semitic Series"; tablet published in Ernest R. Lachman, "Family Laws", vol. 8 of Excavation of Nuzi, Cambridge, Mass.; Harvard University Press, 1962;
JEN: "Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi", American Schools of Oriental Reearch, publication at the Baghdad School texts [I-III, Paris, 1927-1931; IV-V, Philadelphia, 1934; VI, by Ernest R. Lachman, New Haven, Conn., 1939];
JENu: "Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi", unpublished table (Oriental Institute Catalogue Number), excavated by the Iraq Museum and the American Schools of Oriental Research in 1926 and housed in the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago;
SCCNH: "Studies on the Civilization and Culture of Nuzi and the Hurrians", Winona Lake.

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