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 Daniela Alderuccio, Giorgio Mencuccini, Giovanni Ponti, Giovanni Bracco, Silvio Migliori,
"Assiriologia Digitale - TIGRIS Virtual Lab",

Seminario ENEA "Piattaforma ICT per Valorizzazione e Fruizione del Patrimonio Culturale", c/o Sede ENEA - Rome (Italy), March 21st 2014



RAI 59th -

 Paola Negri Scafa, "To be Guilty in Nuzi"

59th RAI, Ghent 2013, "Law and (Dis)order in the Ancient Near East", Ghent (Belgium), July 15th-19th 2013


RAI 58th -

Paola Negri Scafa, "Writing for the Palace, Writing for the Citizens: the Organization of the Nuzi Scribes Activity"

Giovanni Ponti, Daniela Alderuccio, Giorgio Mencuccini, Alessio Rocchi, Giovanni Bracco, Silvio Migliori, Paola Negri Scafa
"Toward the integration of informatic tools and GRID Infrastructure for Assyriology Text Analysis" at RAI 58th

58th RAI, Leiden 2012; "Private and State (Privat und Staat) in the Ancient Near East", Leiden (The Netherlands), July 16th-20th 2012


RAI 57th -

Paola Negri Scafa, "Continuity and discontinuity in a Nuzi scribal family"

Paola Negri Scafa, Daniela Alderuccio, Giovanni Bracco, Silvio Migliori,
"A preliminary analysis of a Nuzi scribal family in view of an application in the ENEA-GRID" at RAI 57th

57th RAI, Rome 2011; "Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient Near East", Rome (Italy), July 4th-8th 2011


RAI 55th -

Paola Negri Scafa,
"Petites archives familiales"

 Paola Negri Scafa, Daniela Alderuccio
"A new experimental approach to text computer analysis applied to the Nuzi texts"

55th RAI,Paris 2009, "Family in the Ancient Near East: Realities, Symbolisms, and Images", July 6th-9th 2009

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