Why this page?

A lot of effort has been put into free electron lasers research and development since many years:

FEL history.

FEL publications.

FEL links.


Codes, manuals and learning stuff.


It's an F77 code, conceived as a flexible tool to deal with the wealth of configurations characterizing the FEL devices including optical klystron and segmented undulators. It's capable of accounting for the evolution of the fundamental harmonics and for the coherent generation of higher-order harmonics in SASE or oscillator FELs.

Booklet for FEL design

This booklet is just a collection of formulae for the design of a FEL device and a quick evaluation of its performance. These formulae, developed over the last thirty years, have been the workhorses allowing a substantive assistance in understanding the FEL Physics. They have provided us with a concrete tool for analysis when more serious and complete computations were not available or demanded long computational times.


This on-line tool, developed on a Mathematica™ platform, provides a fast and reliable means for the design and optimization of FEL device in a variety of configurations.

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