Access to ENEAGRID Data Space from the user workstation

ENEAGRID AFS  Data space con be accessed in various ways from the user workstation

Web Access to ENEAGRID AFS Data Space

The AFS data space of the ENEAGRID infrastructure can be accessed using the Web.

  • User Pages : the content of the user "HOME/public_html"
  • Project Pages : the content of the "./html" directory for each project
  • Software Pages : the content of the "./html" directory for each software

A short note for the authors of the pages: "How to configure AFS file space for web access, including  user restricted area"

Authenticated access to AFS file space from a browser

A Web utility can be used to upload/download to AFS file space:

AFSbox FAQ Page

SSHfs access

SSHfs is an easy way to mount ENEAGRID data space on Windows Workstations

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