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Research and work related

Enea [lnk] : The Italian Agency for New technologies, Energy and Environment.

UTS MAT [lnk] : Home Page of the Materials and new technologies  Enea Scientific Unit  I belong to.

LIT [lnk] : Home page of Computer Science and Telecommunications of Università di Cassino.

I.T.S. S.p.A [lnk] : Information Technology Services,  the company I used to work in recent past. It specialices in telecommunications software, space industry software, multimedia and IT consulting services.

Cetma [lnk] :

SIVA Lab []: Home page of Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Vision (S.I.V.A.), my former research group.

Personal & Fun

GAP [lnk] : The HP of Neapolitan Freash Water and Marine Acquariums Group.... and, Yes, I am  also one of the  founder fellows.

The Krib [lnk] : The FirstBest site about freshwater aquatic plants and dwarf cichlids, but you may find information on a variety of acquariums related subjects (Chemistry, Plumbing, Food, Lightning, DIY, etc.) Over 40 MB of contents : Articles, FAQs, Images, Forums, etc.

AcquaPortal [lnk]: Italian Fresh Water and Marine Acquariums Portal. here you can find information in Italian language about this beatiful hobby. [
lnk] : Italian Wiki for Acquarium fishes and plants lovers community.

Garmin [lnk] : As they state in their own site probably Garmin® is the world leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and surely an innovator in consumer electronics. I find their portable GPS devices (especially the eTrex series [lnk]) to be very reliable for a portable gps, affordable, and above all very very robust (it's the feature i like most :-))

Sony ICFSW 7600GR [lnk] : It' my short wave receiver, a small wonder! [lnk] : The best site about basketball in south Italy, there you can find Tournament Results form A1 to "Promozione", a nice Forum, articles for players, coaches and managers, and free consulting services by SIPI Sport (Italian Society for Integrated Psichology/ Sport Chapter) and  Medical Staff.

Milton Viaggi [lnk] : A Neapolitan Tour Agency
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