About SCIRun  :-
SCIRun is a Problem Solving Environment (PSE), for modeling, simulation and visualization of scientific problems .SCIRun is a multifunctional problem solving environment that can be best described as a computational workbench by which the user can close the loop.All aspects of the modeling, simulation, and visualization processes are linked,controlled graphically within the context of a single application program.It's an integrated problem solving environment consisting of many significant elements like representing mathematical and geometrical models;computational solution of the governing equations and visualization of mode ls and results--all within an efficient, parallel software environment.By tackling such a large integrated systems approach, the SCI Institute draws upon its multidisciplinary approach to science and research in geometric modeling,simulation, scientific visualization and software environments.

How to run scirun in ENEA-GRID
SCIRun is available on ENEA-GRID linux systems anch can be invoked with the command "scirun"


The documentation info can be obtained at

Applications :

Computational Workbench

Visual Programming

Modelling, Simulation and Visualization

High Level Utilities

Low-Level Utilities

What platforms are supported?

Scilab works under Windows XP, GNU/Linux, and most UNIX systems. Binary versions for these systems are freely available, along with
source code.

Intallation info :-
The installation info about SCIRun can be obtained at

Download SCIRun:-

SCIRun can be downloaded from