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For all the questions about the installation, the support of platform not yet supported, commercials matters, you can join our support .


For all questions and propositions related with this site you can contact the webmaster.
We are looking for volunteers to translate the documentation.
If for the needs of your students or your users, you have made manuals, commented examples and you are thinking that your documents or your can be of some use to others,tell it to us.

to ask help from the Cast3M user's community

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there is a mailing-list Cast3M(usually in french but you can post in english) :
to subscribe and receive the messages, send a mail at with in the body of the message :
SUB castem Your-name Your-firstname
and only that! (no electronic signature).
To post a message to the Cast3M community use the adress :
if you have a problem tell it to

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Send a mail to with in the body :
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Formation C-S

La société C-S propose des formations à l'utilisation de Cast3m

Pour tout renseignement prendre contact avec notre support.

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