Ansys Software is available in ENEAGRID under Academic and Commercial Licenses


 To use Ansys software in ENEAGRID you could:

·         Run the available software on the ENEA HPC Systems (CRESCO Systems);

·         Run the software on your local machine and use the ENEA licenses;

In both cases the user must be enabled to access the licenses by the CRESCO Administrators.

To get enabled a user should have an ENEAGRID account (see the homepage CRESCO to ask for an account and for general documentation about the CRESCO systems) and ask for the use of Ansys.

To be enabled to use Ansys software the user must open a GridTicket giving some information such as:

·         The group affiliation and the research context of the group;

·         Any reference to specific funded activity, if any, in which the software will be used;

·         An estimate of the use of the resources in terms of number of core/licenses and time;


Available software installed on Cresco are (last installed release is Ansys 2019r1 (or 19.3)):

·         Ansys

o   Interactive command is ansys2019r1

o   Batch command is

·         Fluent

o   Interactive command is fluent2019r1

o   Batch command is

·         Workbench

o   Interactive command is workbench2019r1


In batch jobs you can use the LSF license reservation by adding the option

-R rusage[aa_r=1:aa_r_hpc=1:duration=1]

This way your job will look for available licenses as well as computing cores and time duration in order to run.

It will be in waiting status instead of going in error in the case of unavailable licenses.

Note that you ought to use the specification above in order to use Fluent.

If you are enabled to use Ansys go to this page to get license information and how to download the software