Interoperability between ENEA-GRID/CRESCO and the other PON Projects (#1575)

Interoperability between the infrastructures of the Projects PON 1575 (Italian Ministry of University and Research), where ENEA has partecipated with the CRESCO Project.
(CRESCO english page)

Italian Ministry of University and Research:, (english) see: COMUNITA' GRID

The PON 1575 projects: CRESCO - PI2S2 - CYBERSAR - SCOPE

Interoperability activity, work in progress in ENEA/CRESCO:
Poster presented at the IES08 Conference, IES08: Italian E-Science 2008, Naples 27-29/05/2008 "COMPUTATIONAL RESOURCE SHARING VIA GRID INTEROPERABILITY IN SOUTHERN ITALY" (pdf)

General documentation for the interoperability activity on the SCOPE project site:

Infrastructure Monitoring

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