Fusion Division & Technologies, Neutron & Gamma Diagnostics

Gamma-ray Spectrometry

B. Esposito, L. Bertalot, A. Pensa (ENEA-Frascati) in collaboration with Y. Kaschuck and D. Portnov, TRINITI, Troitsk (Moscow)


A portable gamma-ray spectrometer has been developed using a NaI scintillator coupled to a photomultiplier. The aquisition system has been developed using LABVIEW software and standard CAMAC modules.


  1. B. Esposito, L. Bertalot, Y.A. Kaschuck, D.V. Portnov and J.R. Martin-Solis, A gamma-ray spectrometer system for fusion applications, Nucl. Instr. Meth. in Physics Research A476 522 (2002)